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Massimo is a UEFA‐certified coach, author of various soccer manuals and director of the Italian company With more than 20.000 registered users, our firm is the top Italian publisher and e‐platform working in the soccer coaching education field.

He is also the director of, a new multilingual website, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
Over the last 10 years, his entire career has been dedicated to various soccer-related activities, all pursuing a specific formative objective.
As a member of the national Soccer Coaches Association of Italy, Massimo had and has the opportunity to follow the daily work of many professional coaches and of some of the most acclaimed in the world, like Guardiola, Ancelotti, Sarri, Luis Enrique, Zeman, Conte, Prandelli, etc. Massimo also closely analyze different training methods of football schools, such as FC Barcelona, RSC Anderlecht, SL Benfica, FC Schalke 04, Juventus, AC Milan and so on.

Massimo often conducts national and international seminars. Therefore, Mr.Lucchesi frequently has the opportunity to take a closer look at the specific realities that exist within our worldwide soccer community. The comparison of such varied perspectives of the same world is a big part of his professional enrichment.


Massimo provides a large spectrum of professional services for Clubs, Federations and Associations, i.e. lectures, stages, workshop.

Some Topics:
- how to develop individual skills by role (position),
- how to build and reinforce technical development
- how to organize a youth model,
- how to build a game model,
- how to organize the movement of the defensive line,
- how to coach set plays: strategies and exercises,

- how to manage transitions and counter-attack: principles and exercises.

A coach must be able to manage a lot of methods.
- A method is necessary to value the players (by role, by mentality, by physical skills, by technical abilities, by quality and timing of good choices ect.);
- A method is necessary to build the game model (offensive, defensive, transitions, set pieces);
- A method is necessary to create the coaching plan (daily, weekly);
- A method is necessary to develop the tactical organization of the team;
- A method is necessary to improve the technical skills of the players
- A method is necessary to menage the single coaching sessions (rhythm, pauses, corrections ect.)
- A method is necessary for the match (how to manage the pre-match, the warm-up, the match, the break, the post-match);
- A mehdod is necessary to build the mentality and the identity of the team;
- A method is necessary to communicate (how, when) in the right way (with players, staff, media, supporters, board)
My aim is to improve the strategies of the coach through a full, high qualities, range of services.


The workshops of Massimo in the last fifteen years.

ITALY: more than eighty

ROMANIA: sixteen - 2014 Bucharest, 2015 Bucharest, 2016 Timisoara, 2017 Timisoara, 2017 Bucharest, 2018 Bucharest (two times), 2019 Resita, 2019 Bucharest, 2022 Bucharest (two times), 2023 Timisoara, 2023 Satu Mare, 2023 Bucharest (three times)

GREECE: five - 2007 Athens, 2010 Athens, 2013 Athens, 2014 Athens, 2015 Athens

RUSSIA: four - 2017 Saint Petersburg, 2018 Moscow (two times), 2018 Tolyatti

LATVIA: two - 2019 Riga, 2022 Riga

POLAND: two - 2023 Biala Podlaska (szkoła trenerów pzpn), 2023 Szklarska Poręba

USA: two - 2002 Philadelphia, 2015 Philadelphia

JAMAICA: one - 2004 Kingston

CYPRUS: one - 2013 Nicosia

MEXICO: one - 2014 Monterrey

SLOVAKIA: one - 2016 Trencin


Organizzazione Liquida, the last book of Massimo Lucchesi, won the Ghirelli award.

Milena Bertolini, Renzo Ulivieri, Roberto Mancini, Luigi Di Biagio and Maurizio Viscidi rewarded the book like the best of the year in the technical category.

The book is now available in German language too.


Massimo, as a member of Italian Coaches Association and as the director of, had the opportunity to follow the coaching sessions of the best coaches of the world and to talk with a lot of them.

A great experience to learn the ideas and the methods to manage a football team.

Massimo had also the opportunity to visit some of the best academies in Europe and to know the best strategies to develop the younger talents.


  • March 2007 ACF Fiorentina - C.Prandelli,
  • September 2007 AC Milan - C.Ancelotti
  • March 2008 AS Roma - L.Spalletti
  • May 2008 Italia National Team - R.Donadoni
  • October 2008 Siena Calcio - M.Giampaolo
  • January 2009 Juventus FC - C.Ranieri
  • March 2009 Genoa CFC - G.Gasperini
  • February 2010 FC Barcelona - J.Guardiola and youth Sector
  • October 2010 UC Sampdoria - D.Di Carlo
  • July 2011 AS Roma - L.Enrique
  • July 2012 Juvenus FC - A.Conte
  • July 2012 AS Roma - Z.Zeman
  • July 2013 Feyenoord - R.Koeman
  • July 2013 FC Bayern Munich - J.Guardiola
  • November 2013 FC Schalke 04 - Youth Sector
  • March 2014 RSC Anderlecht - Youth Sector
  • November 2014 Empoli FC - M.Sarri
  • February 2015 US Sassuolo Calcio - E.Di Francesco
  • April 2015 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • April 2016 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • July 2016 SSC Napoli - M.Sarri
  • April 2017 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • July 2017 SSC Napoli - M.Sarri
  • October 2017 ACF Fiorentina - S.Pioli
  • November 2017 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • March 2018 Empoli FC - A.Andreazzoli
  • April 2018 FK Spartak Moscow - M.Carrera
  • May 2018 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • July 2018 US Sassuolo Calcio - R.De Zerbi
  • August 2018 Club Atlético de Madrid - D.Simeone
  • October 2018 FC Vejle - A.Sormani
  • March 2019 SPAL - L.Semplici
  • May 2019 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • July 2019 RB Leipzig - J.Nagelsmann
  • November 2019 Italia National Team - R.Mancini
  • July 2021 Torino Calcio - I.Juric
  • November 2021 Spezia Calcio - T.Motta
  • May 2022 Valencia CF - Youth Sector
  • May 2022 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • October 2022 US Cremonese - M.Alvini
  • October 2022 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • May 2023 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • July 2023 Dinamo Zagreb - Youth Sector
  • July 2023 RB Leipzig - M.Rose
  • October 2023 SL Benfica - Youth Sector
  • January 2024 Mantova 1911 - D.Possanzini
  • May 2024 Genoa CFC - A.Gilardino


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