For Federations, Associations, Clubs 

We provide a large spectrum of professional services for Clubs, Federations and Associations, i.e. lectures, stages, workshop.
Some Topics:
- how to develop individual skills by role (position),
- how to build and reinforce technical development
- how to organize a youth model,
- how to build a game model,
- how to organize defensive phase,
- how to coach set plays: strategies and exercises,
- how to manage transitions and counter-attack: principles and exercises

For Coaches 

A coach must be able to manage a lot of methods.
- A method is necessary to value the players (by role, by mentality, by physical skills, by technical abilities, by quality and timing of good choices ect.);
- A method is necessary to build the game model (offensive, defensive, transitions, set pieces);
- A method is necessary to create the coaching plan (daily, weekly);
- A method is necessary to develop the tactical organization of the team;
- A method is necessary to improve the technical skills of the players
- A method is necessary to menage the single coaching sessions (rhythm, pauses, corrections ect.)
- A method is necessary for the match (how to manage the pre-match, the warm-up, the match, the break, the post-match);
- A mehdod is necessary to build the mentality and the identity of the team;
- A method is necessary to communicate (how, when) in the right way (with players, staff, media, supporters, board)
My aim is to improve the strategies of the coach through a full, high qualities, range of services.

For Players 

Not always the coach has time and specific knowledge to develop the single player.
And for the player is very, very important to know and understand how to improve his performance.
We are not speaking about mentality, concentration and so on.
We are speaking how to make the right choices in relations with the tactical situation.
We can give you - by role - the instruments to evaluate your skills and your decisions in the different situations.
From now you do not only play football/soccer but... you understand the dynamic of the game to manage timing and space.
Make the difference and improve your value.

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